Take Precaution with a Dental Mouth Guard

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One of the most vulnerable parts of your body to get injured while playing sports is your mouth. The best way besides being cautious while playing (which is difficult sometimes if you are competitive) is using the protection of a mouth guard to protect your smile. Best Dental Care NJ, LLC and our dental professionals want to assist you in protecting your teeth whether it’s on the track, field, or court.

Created to protect the upper teeth against any damage such as cutting or biting of the lips, especially when it comes to those wearing braces, mouth guards reduce these risks greatly. Risks that often occur without a mouth guard include lip or cheek lacerations, root damage, chipped/broken teeth, a fractured jaw, or damaging a restoration.

Three different kinds of dental guards include “boil and bite,” stock mouth guards, or custom-made guards. “Boil and bite” mouth guards are found in many sporting goods stores. These are specified to your teeth when put in boiling water until it’s soft enough to bite into and form your exact mouth shape. If directions are followed closely, the bite will fit comfortably and protect your smile. Stock mouth guards are the least expensive protectant you can find, but they aren’t usually recommended due to their bulky and uncomfortable fit.

Custom-made mouth guards are a specifically designed protectant that is measured by your dentist for the best fit and protection. An impression model is made to form it to your teeth’s specifications, made in either your dentist’s office or factory, then given to you. Athletes tend to prefer this kind of mouth guard because of its better fit and comfortability, although it tends to cost more.

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