Choosing the Right Mouthwash Can Be Daunting

Did you know that there are a wide variety of mouthwash products that range in their treatment methods? Some mouthwash products can freshen breath, provide fluoride treatment, wash away harmful bacteria, and even whiten and brighten teeth. Choosing the right mouthwash can be daunting. Here are some tips to help you out: - Some forms of mouthwash in today’s market... read more »

A Bridge That Feels Loose Needs Urgent Attention

At Best Dental Care NJ, LLC, your dentist, Dr. Marlayna Best, routinely uses a strong dental adhesive to secure a dental bridge onto the abutments made from the neighboring teeth. While this is meant to hold them firm for many years, there are times when an oral accident or bacterial complications from gum disease can weaken the bond between the... read more »

Why You Need Straight Teeth

While it may appear to be purely cosmetic, having straight teeth is, in fact, a very important part of good oral health. Our team here at Best Dental Care NJ, LLC has the experience – and skill – necessary to help you straighten your teeth and establish a great cosmetic appearance that’s also great for your oral health. Promotes healthy... read more »

Is Your Smile Ready for Summer?

As the days of summer are finally upon us, it's time to enjoy the outdoors, travel, and picnic with family and friends! Whatever the occasion, you will want your summer smile to be its most stellar. At Best Dental Care NJ, LLC, in Newton, New Jersey, Dr. Marlayna Best and our team are excited to help our patients get the confident... read more »