Invisalign® Aligner Cleaning Tips

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What a miraculous advancement are Invisalign® clear aligners! You don’t have to endure the awful social awkwardness of having a mouthful of metal for a lengthy period of time–usually during the same time that you are going through the most socially awkward phase of school life.

Now that you have gotten your clear aligners, you want to take care of them so that they stay clean and clear. They need to stay invisible to the casual onlooker. Otherwise, why did you get them in the first place! Here are some tips:

First, be sure to give your aligners a daily deep clean. Soak them in a product that is made for aligners or dentures. You can easily find these types of products online, in the pharmacy, or in the grocery store aisle.

Second, brush your teeth and floss before putting them in. You may only get to do this a couple times during the day, but it is vital that you clean your teeth so that there will be no food particles trapped under the aligner.

Thirdly, whenever you take them out during the day, to eat or drink (anything but water), give them a good rinse before putting them back in. You should do this several times a day anyway to wash away dry saliva and plaque that may build up on the aligner and make them smell bad. At this time, if you cannot brush, you should rinse your mouth out with water as well.

Finally, clean them with an antibacterial soft soap for a quick clean. You cannot deep clean them when you are not at home, so use any common antibacterial soap. This can be found just about everywhere.

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