How to Deal with a Tooth Abscess

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You may know that you should consider visiting a medical professional if you have an infection. Still, are you aware that you should also visit our team if you have an infection in your tooth or gums? In fact, it’s vital that you visit us if you are suffering from a tooth infection because your body won’t be able to fight the infection on your own. Unfortunately, an infection could also lead to a tooth abscess.

In general, if an infection spreads to the center of your tooth, you’ll need root canal therapy. Fortunately, despite what you may have heard, many people who experience root canal therapy claim it’s comparable to getting a cavity filled. If you decide to avoid or postpone root canal therapy, your tooth could eventually die. Similarly, your infection could also spread, which could cause an abscess to form.

Still, your body can fight off an oral abscess on its own for a time. Unfortunately, because your tooth infection won’t fade on its own, your body could struggle to fight your abscess off entirely. Sadly, an abscess could be extremely uncomfortable and painful. If you do have an abscess, your gums might be swollen or sore, and a painful lump may form. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to avoid an infection and, ultimately, an abscess. We recommend setting up regular checkups with us, flossing and brushing every day, and following a balanced diet.

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