Denture Care Solutions

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Dentures can be an excellent solution to missing teeth in your mouth, as they are easy to clean and are simple to remove at bedtime or for comfort. Many patients assume that once they have false teeth, they no longer need to brush, but this is not the case. Cleaning your teeth is different with dentures, but our team is happy to help you adjust to caring for them.

Dentures can accumulate bacteria and food particles throughout the day, especially in the spaces between the dentures and the upper palate or lower gums. It’s important to clean your dentures on a daily basis using a denture brush or a toothbrush with soft bristles. You should avoid using regular toothpaste because it is full of abrasives that could scratch the dentures. Instead, try a special toothpaste for dentures or a dish soap or hand soap. Gently scrub the dentures while holding them over a towel or a sink filled with water so that if you drop the dentures, they won’t break.

When you take your dentures out during the day or while sleeping, don’t store them in a medicine cabinet or drawer because they need to remain moist in order to maintain their shape. Store your dentures by soaking them in a denture solution.

If you drop your dentures or find that the shape of your mouth has changed to the point that the dentures don’t fit, don’t try to repair or adjust your dentures by yourself. Household adhesives can be toxic to the human body. You should leave repairs and adjustments to the dentist.

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