The dental pulp, which is the innermost layer of the tooth, includes the connective tissues, tooth nerves, blood vessels, and other living tissues of the tooth. If this area of the tooth is damaged by deep decay, serious trauma, or disease, the pulp may become infected. This typically results in significant tooth pain and other uncomfortable symptoms like increased tooth sensitivity. If left untreated, a tooth with infected or damaged dental pulp may die and require extraction. To avoid the need for extraction and to prevent the infection from spreading to other healthy parts of your mouth, our dentist may recommend root canal therapy.

During root canal therapy, Dr. Marlayna Best removes the infection from the tooth. This involves removing the damaged pulp and thoroughly cleaning the tooth. We then fill the tooth with a medicated material and cap it with a filling. A crown or other restoration may be needed as well to protect the tooth and restore its strength. While root canal therapy has a reputation for being a painful treatment, you can rest assured that our team will provide you with the most comfortable experience possible. In fact, most patients find that a root canal in Newton, state], results in little more discomfort than a normal filling. For more information about root canal therapy and how we can improve your dental health, we welcome you to call or visit us today at Best Dental Care NJ, LLC.