At Best Dental Care NJ, LLC, we strive to provide you with the dental treatments and services you need for a smile that will be healthy and beautiful for life. Whenever possible, Dr. Marlayna Best provides conservative, noninvasive treatment; however, certain conditions may make oral surgery the best available option for your smile. We provide basic oral surgery treatments to ensure that we can provide the treatment you need for improved oral health and function.

One of the most common forms of oral surgery we offer is tooth extraction (removal). Not all tooth extractions are surgical; a surgical tooth extraction may be needed if a tooth is impacted, or stuck in the bone and gum tissues. A tooth may also need to be extracted if it is so seriously damaged or infected that we cannot effectively restore it with a crown, filling, root canal treatment, or other procedure. In some cases, a tooth must be removed to allow the other teeth to properly align. No matter the reason for your tooth extraction, you can rest assured that our dentist will treat you with the utmost care and skill so your treatment will be comfortable.

If you would like more information about tooth extraction and oral surgery in Newton and Andover, New Jersey, please feel free to contact our office today.