Educate Yourself About Tooth Hazards

Due to the risk of dental damage linked to various tooth hazards throughout your life, it may be wise to set forth an effective treatment and prevention plan to ensure that your smile receives the best care and treatment it can. Rather than waiting until damage has already occurred and then receiving the necessary treatments… Read more »

Invisalign® Aligner Cleaning Tips

What a miraculous advancement are Invisalign® clear aligners! You don’t have to endure the awful social awkwardness of having a mouthful of metal for a lengthy period of time–usually during the same time that you are going through the most socially awkward phase of school life. Now that you have gotten your clear aligners, you… Read more »

Denture Care Solutions

Dentures can be an excellent solution to missing teeth in your mouth, as they are easy to clean and are simple to remove at bedtime or for comfort. Many patients assume that once they have false teeth, they no longer need to brush, but this is not the case. Cleaning your teeth is different with… Read more »

Recover the Use of a Damaged Tooth With a Dental Crown

A damaged tooth can receive the needed repairs by being fitted for a dental crown, which is a custom-made dental restoration that is placed over the tooth to conceal it completely. A dental crown can prevent the extraction of a tooth by discouraging additional damage, as well as improving the overall appearance of a weakened… Read more »

A Missing Dental Crown Needs Professional Treatment

When a tooth’s enamel layer has been significantly compromised by tooth decay or a dental fracture, the most viable treatment option often calls for a dental crown restoration. This fully replaces the entire tooth enamel layer with a material like gold, base metal alloys, or porcelain-ceramic. Once the dental crown has been created in a… Read more »

Are You Treating a Tooth that Has Tooth Decay? Here Are the Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist

If you’re about to fix a tooth that has a cavity, then there are questions you should ask your dentist so you know all there is to know about the treatment. Not only will this help you learn something new and improve your dental education, but it can also help you feel calm, comfortable, and… Read more »

How Acid Affects Your Teeth

Most of us know that sugars in foods and drinks can harm our teeth. But did you know why? The sugars are converted into acids that damage tooth enamel. It’s the acid that wears away at tooth enamel. Thus, it makes sense that naturally acidic foods also damage enamel. The best method to lower your… Read more »

Four Advantages of Crowns and Veneers

Do you want to enhance your smile, but are not sure of which type of cosmetic dentistry to use? Two of the best options available are dental crowns and dental veneers.There are advantages to both; much of your decision will depend on your specific situation. While a final decision is best made by consulting with… Read more »

A Simple Fluoride Treatment Can Help Strengthen Tooth Enamel to Prevent Cavities and Tooth Sensitivity

The overall strength of your tooth enamel plays an important role in maintaining the overall health of your teeth. The mineral density of your teeth helps them to resist bacterial cavities and tooth sensitivity problems. Your routine dental exam with Dr. is designed to clean your teeth and examine your mouth for any signs of… Read more »

Take Precaution with a Dental Mouth Guard

One of the most vulnerable parts of your body to get injured while playing sports is your mouth. The best way besides being cautious while playing (which is difficult sometimes if you are competitive) is using the protection of a mouth guard to protect your smile. and our dental professionals want to assist you in… Read more »