Are You Treating a Tooth that Has Tooth Decay? Here Are the Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist

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If you’re about to fix a tooth that has a cavity, then there are questions you should ask your dentist so you know all there is to know about the treatment. Not only will this help you learn something new and improve your dental education, but it can also help you feel calm, comfortable, and prepared during your appointment. This can help you wash away any dental anxiety you might have. So, feel free to ask your dentist, Dr. Marlayna Best, questions about your appointment and treatment, like:

– What treatment will you be using to repair my tooth—a dental filling, a dental crown, or root canal treatment?
– If you are fixing my tooth with a dental filling, what type of filling will you use? Why?
– What will you use to help me feel relaxed and comfortable during my appointment?
– How long will the anesthetic or sedative last?
– Will my cavity be filled during this appointment or will I need to come back for a second visit?
– How long will I be in the dental chair?
– Are there signals I can use to tell you I need a break?
– How much will the treatment cost?
– Can I bring someone to keep me company during my appointment?
– Will I be entertained during the treatment?

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